Stephen J. Dunning

Stephen is a cultural historian, genealogist and heritage professional. He has nearly 10 years’ experience in genealogy, and his fields of historical research have included 18th and 19th century medicine, 18th century architecture and landscape garden design, 19th and 20th century railway and civil engineering, 19th and 20th century Russian economic and political history, the 20th century American civil rights movement, and 20th century British political and social history.

Stephen holds a BSc(Hons) in Geography and Heritage and an MA in Heritage Management from Bath Spa University, and has also studied with the Global Academy of Liberal Arts (GALA) at Claremont Graduate University in Los Angeles, and the Centro Studi e Archivio della Comunicazione (CSAC) at the University of Parma in Italy.

Stephen’s published works include online and limited print articles on the history and culture of Somerset, as well as other historical research topics, art exhibition reviews and developments in the museum and heritage sector. His media appearances include an online documentary short about the life and work of Russian anarchist historian and geographer, Peter Kropotkin, a guest appearance on the American TV show Higher Education Today, and an appearance on behalf of Bath Medical Museum for a feature on BBC Bargain Hunt

Stephen is a highly qualified and experienced heritage sector professional. He has worked for a number of museums and heritage organisations in the UK, including Bath Preservation Trust and the American Museum & Gardens. Stephen is experienced in providing five-star customer service in heritage and tourism settings, and is trained in historic house and museum curation and conservation. He has been involved with Bath Medical Museum since May 2018 and became the museum’s first Director in November 2019.